Pathways Trust Ethos

Our ethos is to provide high quality and affordable complementary therapies by well trained practitioners. We aim to treat all patients equally regardless of the amount they are able to pay.

How do we achieve this?

We have built a reputation over the past 30 years of making treatment accessible to people who may not have otherwise been able to afford it. At present we receive no external funding and our only source of income are our patients’ fees.

We operate a sliding scale of treatment costs based on patients income. Those who can afford it pay the standard rate, while those whose finances cannot stretch that far pay less.

This unique and fair system only works if patients contribute what they can truly afford. Those paying the standard rate, which is still highly competitive, are vital to the future of the clinic, for it is their contribution that allows us to treat the patients who can only afford the reduced rates.

What can YOU afford to pay?  

Please take into account your income from employment, savings & all other sources of income.

If your annual income amounts to £27,000 and over the standard rate is £53.

If your income amounts to between £27,000 and £20,000 the reduced rate is £43.

If your annual income is between £20,000 and £13,000 the reduced rate is £33.

If your income is below £13,000 the reduced rate is £30.

If you are rich and famous or just rich, please contribute as much as you like at anytime to keep this unique clinic running.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and all our proceeds go towards subsidising the treatments of low-income patients while paying our practitioners a living wage. The charges are worked out carefully and reviewed frequently to make sure we can sustain the clinic, pay our practitioners and keep the low cost options open.

The range of charges set out above are guide lines. If you like what we do and you are able to pay more any donations are welcome and much appreciated. Whether it’s £1 or £1000, it all counts. You can make a donation at the time of your visit or you can donate directly through the Charities Aid Foundation here CAF bank . Pathways Trust is a registered charity number 1051845.

Please note: we do not accept card payments at the clinic. Payment is by cash or cheque only.

Please note: if you intend to cancel or move your appointment to another day, please contact us with 48 hours.

The rate is the same for all therapies.

Thank you for your support.